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Okra might not be the most conventional vegetable in the garden, but its rich content of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Furthermore, okra contains high levels of

Camu camu is a lemon sized tangy fruit grown on the riverbanks of the rain forests of Amazon basin. It has recently started coming in the limelight because of its amazing therapeutic benefits. Though research is still being carried on, what we know f

Peanut butter is a paste extracted from roasted and dried peanuts. Peanut butter can be regarded as a rich source of nutrients such as proteins, monounsaturated fatty acids, niacin, folate, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, carbohydrates,

Palm jaggery is an excellent substitute for white sugar. Let’s put it this way-As compared to white sugar that is devoid of nutrients, palm jaggery is a nutritious sweetener. All the phytonutrients of white sugar get flushed out during processing. Ap

Marula oil is a natural cold compressed oil indigenous to South Africa and Madagascar. The fruits are handpicked by the tribal women of the Namibian tribe and the oil is extracted from the nut of the Marula fruit. These trees are bio-dynamic and drou

Honey is an extremely versatile element that can be added to food for sweetness, drank with water or in teas, can be applied to wounds, and even be used for beauty and health therapies. It has great antiviral properties and has large amounts of vitam

This juicy, succulent fruit belongs to the nightshade family and is native to southern and central America. We often use this fruit as a vegetable and hence there is always a confusion in stating its identity. It can be cooked or eaten raw as per tas

Colic is an irritating condition which causes distress and unexplained crying in an otherwise healthy, well-fed baby. Colic in babies is really frustrating and the babies cry for more than three hours a day, three days per week or longer. This is a d

Health Yoga books tell us that Yoga, as we all know, is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yogis view that the mind and the body are one, and that if it is given the right yoga kit and tools and taken to the right environment, it can

Human brain is often a storehouse connected with memory. It stores, holds and recalls data, much the same as the hard drive of our computer. Despite the fact that, the function of the brain is same for everyone, the ability to store and recall data m

The health benefits of mushrooms include relief from high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes. It also helps in weight loss, and increases the strength of your immune system.

The health benefits of cabbage include frequent use as a treatment for constipation, stomach ulcers, headaches, obesity, skin disorders, eczema, jaundice, scurvy, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, eye disorders, heart diseases, aging, and Alzheimer’s dise